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Idit Arad
Professional singing teacher & opera singer (AGSM Diploma)

I arrange performance techniques and music interpretation workshops uniquely for my students.
The purpose of the workshops is to enhance the technical and musical knowledge they get in their lessons with some practical experience. They get the chance to perform to each other, learn from each other and enjoy the experience of performing in a friendly environment.
For those who wish to perform in public, or become performers, it is a great way to acquire confidence.
I have three kinds of workshops available to them:
Text preparation: Where I concentrate the connection between music and text, and how to best communicate it to an audience.
Musical preparation: Where I concentrate on different aspects of music, its phonology, context and semantics, their interpretation, and how to feel comfortable in varying styles.
Stage work preparation: Where I concentrate on how to stand and present a song to an audience, be it in an audition or a concert hall, and on the stage context of all the different pieces people are working on.
Student concerts
I arrange the student concerts for those students who wish to take the workshop experience further, and to put it all into practice by performing in a concert to their friends and family. It is a chance for everyone to have fun, and for those who are preparing for auditions and professional engagements this is a perfect way to "test drive" their pieces before a friendly audience.
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“So many good memories bind me to Idit's classes that I could hardly imagine describing her teaching only in few sentences. Then I closed my eyes and three words came to my mind: honesty, complexity, effectiveness. As a singer what one gets least of and what one needs most is honesty and constructive criticism. To accomplish success one needs to find the right person to accept criticism from, and for me one of these people is Idit. She hands us the complexity of singing technique, musical meaning and the art of performing, all of which are inseparable skills necessary being a good singer. Idit works incredibly hard with her heart, mind and body equally with single student, no matter who he/she is and or what level they have, and her devotion to teaching is one that is rarely seen nowadays. What can be the best proof for me of Idit's effectiveness that her advice and instructions still ring in my head and I keep using them in my everyday practice and preparation even now , a year after I have moved back home to Hungary, and sadly have not been able to go back and see her.”
Monika Kertesz
Singer with the Royal Hungarian Opera, National Theatre of Szeged,
the Royal Baroque Theatre of Hungary, the Opera of Lisbon and many more
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