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Idit Arad
Professional singing teacher & opera singer (AGSM Diploma)

"Idit Arad changed my life. She was the first person who was able to recognize my talent for what it was and also the first person who knew what to do with it. She opened up the door to a whole new way of singing for me. A way of singing that was easier, fuller, more efficient, and more beautiful. She emphasizes learning breath support and learning how to ALLOW a sound to happen through proper breath support and body alignment rather than CREATING one by pushing or placing it. Great voice teachers are becoming a rare find these days everywhere in the world. Idit Arad is one of those very few. She has a gift for identifying what a voice needs, what a voice is becoming, and knows how to achieve it.”
Patrick Guetti - Bass
Grand prize winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions in
2014, Has performed with with the Lyric Opera of Chicago’s Ryan Opera 
Center, Dallas Opera Philadelphia and Santa Fe Opera amongst others.
“The work you have with your singing teacher is extremely important, and I see this as the core of my studies. I am so thankful that I have met this singing teacher, at this point in my development! Idit is experienced, curious, knows a lot about voices, and always works on technique and expression/interpretation at the same time! Which is great! I feel that my instrument is in excellent hands under Idit’s guidance.”
Johanne Thisted Højlund‎‏ - mezzo-soprano
Graduate of the Royal Danish Academy and the Danish Royal Opera studio
“The artistic and vocal progress of every singer be they professional or amateur, depends on having a mentor - a teacher that is honest, knowledgeable, capable of communicating, patient and disciplined. The development and growth of each singer's own abilities would depend having such a person to guide them. This is what Idit Arad has been and is, in my case, and that of many other singers. This highly qualified and exemplary teacher has managed to guide my love of singing, dramatically contributing the betterment of my musical knowledge and technical ability, waking up in me an interest in the interpretation of music from every age. I can say without a doubt, that in my vocal life there has been a 'before and after' the time I started my classes with Idit.”
Marta León Alonso - chorist and pharmacist 
“So many good memories bind me to Idit's classes that I could hardly imagine describing her teaching only in few sentences. Then I closed my eyes and three words came to my mind: honesty, complexity, effectiveness. As a singer what one gets least of and what one needs most is honesty and constructive criticism. To accomplish success one needs to find the right person to accept criticism from, and for me one of these people is Idit. She hands us the complexity of singing technique, musical meaning and the art of performing, all of which are inseparable skills necessary being a good singer. Idit works incredibly hard with her heart, mind and body equally with single student, no matter who he / she is and or what level they have, and her devotion to teaching is one that is rarely seen nowadays. What can be the best proof for me of Idit's effectiveness that her advice and instructions still ring in my head and I keep using them in my everyday practice and preparation even now, a year after I have moved back home to Hungary, and sadly have not been able to go back and see her.”
Monika Kertesz 
Singer with the Royal Hungarian Opera, National Theatre of Szeged, the Royal Baroque Theatre of Hungary, the Opera of Lisbon and many more
“When I began singing with Idit I instantly felt that I had found the right person to nurture my love of music. Idit is a patient and committed teacher, with incredible professional integrity. Her students are privileged to have access to her extensive knowledge and experience . Any young singer needs a teacher like Idit: someone with an unbridled passion for music that is infectious.”
Ruth Knight
Freelance Opera Director/Producer and Fundraiser
"To my mind Idit is an excellent teacher, musician and person. She has an individual approach to each student depends on his/her personality, musicality and voice characteristics. She continually looks for new exercises appropriate for each stage of the the student's vocal development and for interesting and varied repertoire. I met her in Madrid and now I come to see her in London to continue studying with her. Idit opens my mind, makes me aware continuously of the demands on me as a singer and teaches me to think of the music while singing."
Alla Zaikina - Soprano
Coro RTVE (Spain's Radio-Television cooperation professional chorus)
"As a music graduate who has had singing lessons for many years with different teachers, I can honestly say that Idit is the best I have had. She is a truly gifted, highly committed and dedicated singing teacher and musician. She understands what my voice needs and chooses repertoire that will not only suit me but that she knows I will enjoy singing. In my lessons she places emphasis on the importance of breath control, resonance, jaw placement and posture. During the period I have been having lessons with Idit my voice and confidence has improved and grown more than I could have hoped."
Janice Menezes
music graduate, memner of Coro Chamber Choir
“Singing is simultaneously incredibly difficult and the easiest thing in the world. Teaching is just difficult Our singing. I have always loved singing and arrived at my first lesson with Idit as an aspiring baritone - one year later I was singing Dalla sua pace - Don Ottavio's challenging tenor aria from Mozart's Don Giovanni. This is testament to Idit's drive and encouragement but mainly to her insistence that each of her pupils should be pushed to limit of what they can achieve technically and artistically. I would recommend Idit to anyone who has a passion for music, is open to trying new approaches and repertoire and has a desire to become the best singer they can be.”
Roy Neillie 
chorister & lawyer
"Idit is a teacher who really wants the best for her students - she encourages her students to challenge themselves in exceeding their limitations and reach towards their full potential. I started lessons with Idit a few weeks ago after finding her website and listening to some of her recordings, which really impressed me.  After a short time with her, I can already hear that my voice has improved due to her persistent encouragement of correct and precise breathing techniques along with the right posture.  The lessons are hard work but I believe Idit's experience, drive and method of teaching will take me on a journey to a higher level of singing and performance technique."

Annemarie Anang
Performing Arts Student
“Idit expects of her students only that which she gives of herself! In every class Idit strives for excellence, is challenging and diligent and gives very generously of her time and expertise. I not only found someone who has improved my singing voice but a teacher who has developed my skills in many other ways in relation to languages, performance, repertoire and my general understanding of classical music.”
Kate Canning 
Opera singer & Actress
“Idit Arad is one of the most exciting and inspiring teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. As well as being an outstanding and natural musician, she has an all round approach to teaching using a mix of inventive singing exercises and wide range of songs to inspire pupils. Lessons were a wonderful combination of hard work, self discovery and great fun. I felt I got technically better very quickly, expanded my repertoire to include a beautiful set of songs and understood my instrument for the first time. But more than that, I felt a personal growth and joy through singing with Idit that has enhanced my life. She also coached my daughter to get into the National Youth Choir in 3 sessions, transforming her performance for the audition.”
Laura Parfitt
Radio producer & Jazz singer
"In such a short time Idit has reformed my singing style and upped my ability. She has also lifted my confidence to sing live which was a huge struggle of mine. Within a few lessons I could hear a huge change in my voice. Her ability to hear what is happening inside your body while you sing is beyond me. A hugely talented women, who I couldn't recommend enough for all levels of singing."
Gary Regan
singer - song writer
“A passionate teacher, whose lessons are truly inspiring! Idit's classes and workshops have contributed not only to my knowledge of music and singing (that was 0 before) but have also contributed to my personal development! Idit has been a very supportive teacher, not only in classes, but on a personal level too!”
Saphia Abu-Amer 
Music therapy student & assistant psychologist at NHS
“Idit teaching is inspiring, friendly and has the strong foundation of her professionalism. She gives me the confidence to feel I can always improve and achieve more. Hers is an honest teaching, which is very hard to find.”
Michelle Crane 
“Idit's lessons are not only enjoyable but extremely rewarding. Idit really makes you cognizant of your body and how to effectively use breath. Her lessons are geared toward maximising your vocal and performance potential. Idit is a perfectionist extraordinaire and her dedication to her student's individual improvement is inspiring. Idit has boosted my self belief no end.”

Alex Mandell
Film producer
“Idit is an amazing teacher. Always constructive in criticism, she clearly wants the best for her students. After years of struggling to find a good teacher, I feel very fortunate to have finally found someone to reignite my passion for singing.”

Sophia Constantine 

“Idit came into my life at a particularly difficult time: I had been through a lot of emotional stress & trauma and as part of my recovery, I decided to do something I had long thought about doing; take up singing lessons. I found Idit via the internet and from the very first lesson, I knew I had stumbled across a lot more than just a singing teacher. In order to sing, I discovered that you have to be in touch with your emotions. And thus singing not only brought me great pleasure; it helped me further develop my self-awareness. Idit was the medium and channel for this staggering awakening and I will never be able to thank her enough. If you want to learn to explore and discover the depths of your soul through singing, then Idit is the right person to help you on your journey. Have fun!”
Mark Drax
Recovery Mentor & Coach
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