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Idit Arad
Professional singing teacher & opera singer (AGSM Diploma)


My wealth of experience of working with actors and singers, which I am lucky to realise as artistic director, has taught me there are plenty of other classes people could need that I have to offer.
Here is the list:
1 Voice/speech lessons
2 Diction - German, French, Spanish
3 Style and interpretation
4 Text analysis
5 Audition preparation
6 Role preparation for both actors and singers
7 Recording preparation
8 Recital/solo show preparation
These classes are tailor made to suit a large variety of different voice users, and the intensity (i.e. how many classes of different disciplines each person wishes to take per week) is up to each individual.
These could be people such as:
A: Singers of all musical styles - amateurs, aspiring professionals and professional, preparing for any type of auditions, recordings, concerts and roles.
B: Actors, both professional and aspiring who wish to work on either their speaking voice or singing voice or both, as well as other skills.
C: Dancers, both professional and aspiring who wish to work on either their speaking voice or singing voice or both, as well as other skills.
D: Any voice professionals - singers, coaches, business people, lawyers and all who wish to work on either their singing or speaking voice.
1 Voice/speech lessons
This class is intended for all professional/aspiring/amateur voice users, and will be tailor-made for the needs of each and every one of them; Actors, dancers and any other stage performers who use their speaking voice such as teachers, as well as business professionals and people from any walk of life who make extensive use of their voice on a regular basis.
The aim of the class therefore, is very different in each case. As a general rule one can say it is there so as to enable the voice to project effortlessly, to be healthy and strong. The needs of every student will be assessed in a private consultation with the artistic director.
The necessary amount of classes to suit the individual needs of each student will be determined in the consultation. A professional actor/voice user will need classes on a more regular basis, whereas a person who is experiencing a punctual voice problem/s might only need classes for a limited amount of time. However it is safe to say learning to use one's voice properly is a process which takes place over time, and it is recommended to take the minimum of 8 lessons.
A programme of vocal exercises to build first class breath control, sound projection, vocal stamina and vocal health will be created for each person, and in the case of people who deal in text delivery work will also done on specific texts.
2 Diction
This class is for all those who in their professional life need to use a language foreign to them; any stage performers (actors, opera singers, opera students, coaches, dancers) or any person wanting to improve their understanding and clear pronunciation.
The languages available on this course are French, Spanish and German. Number of classes will be from one to as many classes needed to master the particular text/general pronunciation material at hand.
3 Style and interpretation
These classes will be dedicated to exploration through active listening to different performances which elements of a performance make it work. A musician will naturally listen to a piece of music differently to the music lover. He/she will have an opinion and in some cases a profound feeling about it. Yet he/she might not always know why.
Since classical singing is a group activity by nature, as the singer is either accompanied by a piano or an orchestra of different sizes, and more often than not sings in an ensemble, it is essential that he/she learn how to make listening to other singers and instruments a productive process. For that end he/she must be familiar with their workings so as to make music with them in the most beautiful way possible.
Through critically and sensitively listening in a group to the great singers, pianists and orchestras past and present the singers will be taken on a journey that will allow them to develop as artists, and better understand what the tools available to them are in order to project their own musical vision.
It is recommended to take at least 3-6 classes, depending on a student's individual requirements.
4 Text analysis
This class is open for actors, dancers, singers and classical singers, in short, any performer whose work involves text. It is patently clear that understanding text and being able to communicate it is of utmost importance for an actor, but it is also so for a singer.
In more and more opera houses and companies emphasis is put on a singer's ability to act, and hence his ability to deal with text. That is to say, one has to not only be able to understand the literal meaning of the text but to create a personal interpretation of, connect with it and communicate it to the audience.
This class will concentrate on learning the many effective tools with which to achieve that.
It is recommended to take 3-6 classes, depending on a student's individual requirements.
The students will bring different texts and will also have text suggested to them for the purpose of study and preparation for performances/auditions. They will study, interpret and learn the texts by heart. Texts English, French or Spanish may be learnt in this class should the student have need of or wish to study them.
5 Audition preparation
This is a blitz course in audition techniques, which is one of the most challenging and stressful events in many actors, dancers and singers' careers.
More often than not one is informed of an audition in the very last moment without a chance to properly prepare, the audition is at a time of day not ideally suited for singing and there is no proper place in the location for a thorough warm up. Not to speak of the fact that one has only 5-10 minutes in which to make an impression that would get one the job he/she so needs and wants. On top of which the panel is tired and inundated with many good singers all going for the same roles, and is often obliged to sit through hours in a stuffy room listening, their ears getting tiered by the minute.
So how does one dazzle them make them remember one's performance? Or in a more informal language, how does one turn them on? The aim of this course is to teach the techniques that will help singers mentally and vocally deal with this situation and turn it around to their advantage so as to achieve their goal - having a full work schedule.
It is recommended to take between 4-6 classes in order to be properly prepared. A longer period will be much more useful, and length will depend on requirements.
We will study the physical language of auditions, distressing techniques, mental preparation exercises, presentation, what to say or not to say, and various other useful tips in order to deal with this necessary challenge.
6 Role preparation
Preparing a role for theatre, either as singer or actor is a fascinating and complex process. In the mind of an actor the need to go through this process in a detailed way is quite clear, but it is equally important for a singer.
In today's demanding operatic world there is a growing emphasis on a singers ability not only to sing a role beautifully and brilliantly, but also have the capacity to portray it as a first class actor would. This class will be dedicated to acquiring the tools with which to face this particular challenge.
It is recommended to take between 4-6 classes minimum in order to complete this process satisfactorily. More classes can be taken depending on the depth of process each individual wishes go through.
Each person will be given tools such as character analysis, emotional map, secret wants, motives and objectives, action and reaction, as well as a question asking method to further enable them to investigate and then portray a role with artistry and authenticity.
7 Recording preparation
A blitz singing course which will concentrate on the challenge of recording, that is to say: building the right kind of recording schedule, choosing the right kind of repertoire and preparing the textual material in terms of understanding, interpreting and diction.
The purpose of this class is to prepare a singer of any musical genre and style for the process of recording either a demo or an album. It is recommended to take a minimum of 4-6 such classes in order to achieve a satisfactory result.
Studies will consist of building vocal stamina, a regime of pre- recording voice exercises to prepare for sessions, direction on recording sessions conduct and text work.
8 Recital/solo event preparation
The kind of shows/recitals given by singers of different genres have in some ways a similar preparation process, and in other ways a very different one. This class will address in a meticulous manner the needs of each and every performer.
For example, choosing the right repertoire to show off a singer at his/her best and at the same time constructing the right programme for the target audience or event they which they are preparing for is true art in itself. Having an experienced guiding hand is an invaluable asset in such a process, and is what this class is all about.
It is recommended to take a minimum of 4-6 such classes in order to achieve a satisfactory result.
The process will start from choosing the right kind of material for each performer, after which it will be thoroughly worked on with the artistic director, and if necessary a pianist can be provided at additional cost, or a singer can bring his own accompanist. In the case of a classical singer advice will be given on choice of repertoire when required. In other genres help will be given on choice from an existing repertoire.
"I have Known Idit Arad for approximately twelve years. As a musician she is meticulous in her musical, linguistic and dramatic preparation, and she is open to new ideas as to how to improve these techniques. More recently, during the past four years she has asked me to coach some of her private students. They also, have been enthusiastic, well prepared, and eager for knowledge. I get the impression that they like and respect her, and regard her as a fine teacher. I am very happy to recommend Idit - both as a performer and as a teacher."
Isobel Flinn 
Previously head of studies in the National Opera Studio, London 
Currently vocal coach at the National Opera studio; 
Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester; British Youth Opera
 Idit Arad in the role of Antigone in "The Barial At Thebes" by Dominique Legendre,
At The Shakespeare Globe, London
"I have known Idit Arad since her days as a student at the Guildhall school of Music and Drama. I have seen her grow into an accomplished singer and first class artist. Idit, with her devotion and passion for singing and music, is blessed with a beautiful and touching voice, coupled with true musicality, and an exceptional dramatic talent. For 17 years, Idit has studied with the great Vera Rózsa. That wonderful teacher has made Idit love and understand teaching, and coupled with her own generous personality and artistry, Idit would be a true inspiration to any aspiring singer."
Chaim Topol 
Actor, singer, director, 
Musical theatre world wide star, notably of the award winning film: 
"Fiddler on the roof"
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“The work you have with your singing teacher is extremely important, and I see this as the core of my studies. I am so thankful that I have met this singing teacher, at this point in my development! Idit is experienced, curious, knows a lot about voices, and always works on technique and expression/interpretation at the same time! Which is great! I feel that my instrument is in excellent hands under Idit’s guidance.”
Johanne Thisted Højlund‎‏ - mezzo-soprano
Graduate of the Royal Danish Academy and the Danish Royal Opera studio
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Idit  Arad as Pamina in the Magic Flute, Mozart
"When I first worked with Idit, some 16 years ago, on' The Dirge of York ', I was greatly impressed not only with her beautiful vocal quality, but her professional approach to the difficulties of the piece. She has outstanding talent, both as a classical singer and an actress. Idit is also a patient and dedicated tutor and, after attending her class was most happy to send my American tutorial student Patrick Guetti to her for help with his singing - the results were exciting! Idit has proved to be one of the most talented, dedicated and professional people I have ever worked with and would be an asset to any aspiring singer. "
Caryll A Ziegler (R.A.D.A) 
Vocal Coach at 'The Actor Centre, London, 
Former Head of Vocal Studies at The Webber Douglas Academy, London 
Vocal Coach at Drama Centre, London 
Founding principal and head of vocal studies at ALRA London 
Designer of vocal studies at London Studio Centre.
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